Residential Care Programs

Providing safe, supported out-of-home placements for children and young people.

At Mercy Community, we believe in empowering families with the right support to ensure children are happy, safe and comfortable in the family home. However, we also understand that there are situations where this is not possible. In these cases, the Department of Children, Youth Justice & Multicultural Affairs has a statutory responsibility to ensure children are safe and well-cared for.

Depending on the individual needs and experiences of each child, the Department will assess if the child is best suited to foster, kinship or residential care programs.

About our Residential Care Programs

Our Residential Care Programs provide safe, fully supported placements for children and young people up to 17 years with complex needs or challenging behaviours that require intensive support. The Residential houses are staffed 24-7 by dedicated care workers, who are there to provide structured and therapeutic care for the children and young people.

Our skilled team has been trained on structure, nurture, play, trauma and attachment-informed interventions, to support children and young people to recover from experiences of abuse and neglect.

The aim of the program is to empower each child or young person with the skills and confidence to live a happy, full and meaningful life.

Children and young people are encouraged and supported to:


Our Residential Care Programs are located in suburban houses in the community across South East Queensland. The houses service the South West, South East, Brisbane, Moreton Bay and South Burnett regions.

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