About Mercy Community​

Central to everything we do is our unwavering mission of mercy drawn from our Catholic heritage and the legacy of the Sisters of Mercy. Our work includes supporting families and young people, people living with disability, and the elderly. 

We support our community through many programs and services, including foster and kinship care, residential care, family counselling, residential aged care, and in-home care. We are also a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider, delivering several NDIS services. 

Our network extends from Northern New South Wales to North Queensland and encompasses urban, rural and remote communities. We have a team of more than 1,500 people who provide support and create hope for tens of thousands of people each year.

Our strategy, mission and values

In 2021 we proudly launched our 2021-24 Strategic Plan—our roadmap for delivering on our mission every day.

Recently, we revised our Strategic Plan. The purpose for this 2022 refresh was to really capture who we are as a harmonised organisation, as we align with Mercy Health and Aged Care Central Queensland. The plan outlines our aspirations for the next three years as a combined organisation includes the goals of our three key service streams: Aged Care Services, Families and Young People Services, and Disability Support.

With five new strategic pillars helping us navigate this 3-year journey; harmonisation, sustainability, practice and clinical excellence, whole of community and people and leadership, we continue the mission of the work of the Sisters of Mercy, as a Ministry of the Catholic Church, under Mercy Partners.

In delivering on this plan, we will be reaching upward, outward, and inwards, always striving to achieve the best outcomes for the people we support as well as supporting and our expanding our amazing Mercy Community team.

Every day we find a way to deliver on our mission.

Valuing, supporting and inspiring people at the heart of the communities and sectors in which we operate.

Ensuring we have the right balance of services with sufficient scale and maturity of practice to ensure longevity of our impact in our community.

Download our Strategic Plan 2021-24

Download our Strategic Plan 2021-24

Our five strategic pillars

Our five strategic pillars will inform our decision-making over the next three years:


We will continue to bring together Mercy Aged Care across Queensland as part of a stronger and broader mission of Mercy in the Aged Care community.

Whole of Community

We will increase our profile as a Community Services sector leader through targeted relationship and partnership development, and a focus on thought leadership and innovation in our areas of strength in order that both Mercy Community and the sector as a whole provides greater support to the community.


We will focus on financial sustainability of our existing services in order to ensure we are able to continue in our mission and delivering outcomes for the people we support

We will start to plan for and recognise our organisations environmental responsibilities, starting with how we can be environmentally responsible in our property portfolio.

People and Leadership

We will build and develop our people and their leadership capability to support delivery of our services and mission

We will take a pastoral approach to delivery of our services and our support for our teams.

Practical and Clinical Excellence

We will ensure that in the delivery of our services to the people we support we have the right people, systems and processes to deliver excellence in all that we do for them.

The strategy for Mercy Community’s work over the next three years is interwoven with our purpose as a Catholic Ministry of Mercy Partners in the tradition of the Sisters of Mercy. The business decisions we make and the services we provide are—and will continue to be—informed by our enduring mission, vision and values.

Our mission

We are a Catholic ministry continuing God’s mission of mercy—compassionately inspiring and supporting people to live hopeful, connected lives within inclusive communities.

Our values

All our work is driven by our following core values…


We offer compassion and empathy, taking the time to walk in another’s shoes. We act with kindness and a generosity of the spirit, believing in our mission and nurturing hope and joy amongst the people we support.


We are guided by principles of honesty, transparency and accountability, and authentically practice integrity in our work every day.


We celebrate the right of a person to be valued and respected for who they are, we embrace the intrinsic worth and diversity of all people, and we strive to learn and grow in our delivery of culturally appropriate practice.


We seek to meet people where they are at, quietly holding a space of unlimited possibility for all people, reducing barriers, expanding choice and achieving potential.

Living our mission and values

Everything we do must be in service of our mission and consistent with our values

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