Supported Independent Living & Residential Care Houses

Much of the work we do at Mercy Community is with children, young people and families who are experiencing challenges and may be engaged in the child protection system. Our role is to support at-risk families to feel valued, connected and strengthened – and to have hope for the future. The two programs within our Families & Young People Services that require housing are: 

  • Supported Independent Living (SIL) program 
  • Residential Care 

What is a SIL program? 

The SIL program provides support for young people who have been in child protection but are approaching adulthood. It is a tailored transitional service which provides increasing supported independence for young people aged 15 to 17 who are moving toward independent living.   

SIL programs operate under a contract between the Department of Children, Youth Justice and Multicultural Affairs (DCYJMA) and providers like Mercy Community. All providers of this service are required to be fully licensed and are subject to a rigid accreditation regime to ensure they have the appropriate capability to provide these services.    

What level of supervision do we provide? 

Different residential care models have different levels of support and supervision. Under the SIL Program a young person will live without direct supervision as part of their transition to independence. Risk assessments and support plans for each young person in the SIL Program are completed prior to entry and are subject to constant review as the needs of the young person change.   

What is Residential Care? 

Residential Care is a placement service for children and young people who are subject to statutory child protection intervention with the Department of Child Safety and have complex needs or behavioural challenges. We provide residential housing for these children and young people, and each residence is staffed by expert teams who are committed to supporting each young person to achieve their personal goals.  

All our work is based on the latest available research and evidence. It is based on what experts call a trauma-informed and person-centred approach—meaning that our programs are tailored to the unique needs of each individual we work with; and they recognise that people’s experiences are shaped by the trauma they may have lived with. Every day, we work with children, young people and families to help them recover from trauma, build their resilience, and improve their wellbeing.   

How are the locations chosen? 

We operate a number of Supported Independent Living and Residential Care programs across Queensland. Several other organisations also provide this essential service. In total, there are many neighbourhoods in which Supported Independent Living and Residential Care are provided. There isn’t a particular suburb profile that is sought-after. With the recent housing crisis and a high demand for this service, all opportunities in all suburbs are considered. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the services being provided in your area, please email 

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