Therapeutic Residential Care

Facilitating trauma recovery through intensive support placements for children and young people.

We provide intensive therapeutic care to young people who are unable to be placed with specialist foster care or other forms of residential care due to the complexity and/or severity of their behaviour.

Considerable emphasis is placed on providing a therapeutic environment for young people that facilitates their recovery from physical, psychological and emotional trauma.

Program specifics…

The TRS model achieves outcomes through providing intensive, 24-hours-a-day support within a therapeutic CommunityofCare that gives young people the opportunity to develop significant attachment relationships, enhance their capacity for self‐regulation, and achieve personal competency in a range of psychosocial areas. The TRS model is highly structured with predictable routines and young people are actively engaged in daily planning meetings to allow for a level of choice and control regarding aspects of their daily care.

Within the TRS model, considerable emphasis is placed on providing a therapeutic environment that facilitates recovery from the impact of physical, psychological and emotional trauma, disrupted attachments and emotional pain children and young people have experienced. 

The aim is to assist each young person who enters the program to:

Target Group

The TRS program is designed for Children and young people who have extreme needs and are in the care of the Department. They present with increased safety or risk issues (either to themselves or others), and may have a disability or present with significant dissociative symptoms.

These factors all contribute to having a severe impact on the child’s daily functioning across several domains, and it is assessed that without this level of specialised and intensive support the child is at risk of hurting themselves or others, and/or a severely impacted developmental trajectory which will have long term detrimental implications for the child. These children are also unable to be placed in a family-based placement or a general pre-adolescent residential care program.

Our Residential Care Programs are funded by the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women.

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Referrals to our Therapeutic Residential Care Program are made exclusively through the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women.  Contact us to find out more.

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