Lowood Hub

Strengthening families with links to local community resources.
The team at Lowood Hub provides an Integrated Early Years’ Service, Targeted Family Support Service and Centrelink Agency, to support families living in the Lowood and surrounding area. We also manage bookings for the Lowood Community Centre, kindly supported by Somerset Regional Council.

Integrated Early Years’ Service

A one-stop shop for local families to access multiple services or referrals to specialist services. The service is designed to strengthen a family’s connection to the community and provide referrals to services for family support and wellbeing.

The Integrated Early Years’ Service includes:

Targeted Family Support

The Targeted Family Support Service provides families with confidential support and skills to enhance their parenting abilities and family capabilities in a safe, non-judgemental environment.

Our team also delivers group programs that focus on:

Pop-up Playgroup

The pop-up playgroup is a partnership between Mercy Community, Somerset Regional Council (Libraries), Anglicare Southern Queensland and Playgroup Queensland.

Everyone is welcome to come along to this free, supported playgroup. We provide fine and gross motor skill activities for young children, and morning tea is provided.

A pop-up playgroup is delivered once a week during term time at one of three rural locations in the Lowood region.

To find out details for the next Pop-up Playgroup, please contact Lowood Hub on 07 5426 3432.

Centrelink Agent

The Centrelink Agency provides face-to-face support to customers wanting to access Centrelink, Medicare and Child Support assistance.

Our team can assist with:

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Opening hours

Integrated Early Years’ Service and Targeted Family Support:
9am-5pm Monday-Friday

Centrelink Agency: 9am-3pm Monday-Friday