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Her Money improves women’s financial literacy during Queensland Women’s Week

16 Apr 2019

Mercy Community’s Women’s Wellness Centre in Toowoomba ran two financial literacy workshops during Queensland Women’s Week called Her Money. The workshops featured guest speakers from a variety of backgrounds, who spoke about their unique experiences with money. One woman shared about her experience with financial hardship when she moved to Australia from overseas, and how she managed her money upon arrival. The next speaker presented on budgeting with a family, and how to spend wisely when you have one income and a few children. The final two speakers spoke about the silent crisis of single women with no financial reserves, and financial planning and goals for young women in 2019. The workshops received excellent feedback, with participants saying they took away practical advice that will help them with their financial futures. It encouraged participants to think carefully about their finances and spending habits, set financial goals, and create a budget.