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Jennifer’s journey: Empowerment through Mercy Community’s Active Support Service

Imagine not being able to make your own bed?

Most of us would probably jump for joy at the thought of ditching this daily chore.

But for Jennifer Moltzen, it’s a different story.

For her, the inability to make her own bed symbolised a loss of independence and self-sufficiency.

When she contacted Mercy Community, bed making was on her bucket list of things to do, and our Disability Active Support team set out to make it happen.

“I had no prior knowledge of how to make my bed, my mum did it for me then I just couldn’t be bothered after that,” Jennifer recalls.

Recognising the importance of fostering independence and self-esteem, the team embarked on a journey with Jennifer to help her discover the joy and satisfaction of accomplishing tasks, including bed-making, on her own.

What we did

The first step was engaging Jennifer in meaningful conversations about the significance of making her bed.

Together, we explored how it made her feel when she didn’t make her bed versus the sense of pride and happiness she experienced when she did.

Through open dialogue and active listening, Jennifer began to understand the emotional and practical benefits of taking ownership of her daily routines.

With a clear understanding of Jennifer’s needs and preferences, we developed an action plan tailored to her unique strengths and challenges.

Consistency, encouragement, and perseverance were our guiding principles as we implemented the plan, utilising the active support pillars of ‘little and often’ and ‘graded assistance’.

One key insight we gained was Jennifer’s positive response to visual aids. Rather than relying on wordy instructions, we created simple, easy-to-understand illustrated guides to support her learning process (see below).

This personalised approach proved to be highly effective in building Jennifer’s confidence and competence.

Infographic titled: Making the bed. Step 1. Take everything off the bed and remove pillow cases. Step 2. Get clean sheets. Step 3. Put on the clean fitted sheet and top sheet. Step 4. Lay the duvet/comforter on top. Step 5. Put on clean pillow cases. Step 6. Put pillows on the bed.

The results

Through dedication and teamwork, Jennifer made remarkable progress.

What began as a struggle to make her bed independently evolved into a series of daily accomplishments.

Today, Jennifer not only takes pride in making her bed but also tackles tasks such as vacuuming her room, folding her clothes, and doing her own laundry with confidence and enthusiasm.

Why choose our Active Support Service?

Jennifer’s journey is a powerful reminder of the transformative potential of Active Support.

By focusing on confidence-building, skill-building, and personalised care, we can help individuals like Jennifer unlock their full potential and live life to the fullest.

At Mercy Community, we are committed to supporting individuals with disabilities on their journey toward independence, empowerment, and self-fulfilment.

To find out more, please contact the team on 1300 161 618 or visit our website.

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